About US

We are glad to introduce you ours company “AL RAFEDAIN MARINE SERVICES L.L.C.” DUBAI – UAE. established in year 2002.

The AL RAFEDAIN MARINE SERVICES L.L.C has been established 2002 with a primary focus on the provision of Ship Management, Crew Management, Ship registration Worldwide.

AL RAFEDAIN MARINE SERVICES L.L.C. is one of the oldest tanker companies in UAE providing energy transportation services for crude oil and petroleum products in International Flag markets. Al Rafedain Marine Services LLC owns or operates a fleet of 15 vessels, including 8 Chemical Tankers, 5 supply vessels. Al Rafedain Marine Services LLC has an experienced team committed to the very best operating practices and the highest levels of customer service and operational efficiency. The Company is headquartered in Dubai – United Arab Emirates .

Al Rafedain Marine Service is your reliable international service partner which provides worldwide in-depth expertise in shipping, maritime operations and technology and transport economics. Our management systems are accredited to the highest international quality and environmental standards. Our team of experienced Deck and Engine Ship Officers, Marine Surveyors and Business Consultants are readily at hand to provide expert assistance. Projects demanding multi-trade skills are performed by bundling the firm’s technical, operational, and financial expertise. With certified accountants and business analysts, we provide accurate accounts of ship operations, project budgets, expenditures, cost benefit analyses and feasibility studies.

We have insurance cover for all our business lines.